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Spigot, Filters, Link, etc.


To attach a spigot to the bottom of a plastic rain barrel ,you do not have to access the inside. By using a 11/16′′ spade drill bit ,and drilling a hole at the bottom side of the barrel. You can screw in a 1/2′′ sillkock 1ball valve with a hose bib. Also use Teflon pipe tape and some Silicone caulk. Good Luck!
Connecting Rainsavers
You can connect 2 or more of our rainbarrels together using a special linking adapter. Simply exchange the overflow fitting from the second barrel, connect rainsavers together, and water will flow to 2nd barrel once 1st barrel is full. Cost $15.00 including delivery. Instructions included. (keep in mind that you may have greater water storage by setting up rain barrels at different locations that collect from alternate parts of your roof).