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Rain Barrel Pumps

 InstaDrip Pump/Filter for Drip Irrigation

Your Rainwater, Filtered and Pressurized for a Drip System
In order to use your rainwater for drip irrigation, the rainwater needs to be filtered so it won’t clog up the drip emitters, and the rainwater needs to be pressurized so it will flow evenly throughout the drip system.
Ideal for emptying ponds, rain barrels and aquariums, this small, cordless, lightweight pump uses batteries to run for up to 5 hours, pumping 200 gallons (757 litres) per hour. However, in many cases you need only run the pump for less than a minute because it also works as a self-priming siphon. Just place the outlet lower than the inlet, switch it on to start the water flowing, then shut the power off and the water continues to flow by natural siphon action.
Rain Barrels are a great way to store excess rain water for your lawn or garden. But sometimes getting the water from the rain barrel to the garden can be quite a chore. With The Rain Barrel In-Line
Pump ($105.00) emptying your rain barrel is easy! The Rain Barrel In-Line Pump pumps water with a 1/10 hp motor and has a flow rate of approximately 6 gpm. The water pump can empty the average rain barrel in less than ten minutes! This pump does not need to be primed. Its self priming feature works so long as it is no more than 7 feet from the water source. As it’s self priming you never have to worry about sucking water into the hose to get the
pump started. The pump weighs less than 5 lbs and is very portable. When not in use you can seal the two water ports on the pump with the included caps. This will protect the pump from dirt and debris while it’s being taken to a new job site or stored away for future use. It includes a carrying handle that can also be used to hang the pump on a hook or ledge.
This pump connects to the hose coming from your rain barrel and has a port to connect another hose for water to exit the pump. DO NOT SUBMERGE The Rain Barrel In-Line Pump as this will short out the pump and may cause an electrical shock. After the pump has been turned on water should start flowing within 20 seconds. If water doesn’t begin to flow within 20 seconds shut the pump off, as running it dry for more than 30 seconds can damage the impellers. If you use an extension cord to plug the pump in then use a 3-prong, grounded electric cord, preferably connected to a GFCI outlet. This pump is extremely versatile and can be used to water your lawn, empty a pond, transfer water between containers, even to pump boat bilges. Just be sure when using the pump not to let it run dry or to use it nonstop for over 15 minutes at a time.
Need to empty your rain barrel or pump water between containers in a hurry? Try this small, powerful electric water pump. The Little Giant Electric Rainbarrel Pump ($114.99) is lightweight, quick pumping, and low maintenance.
The electric water pump has a carrying handle that doubles as an attachment clip. The clip works just like a belt clip - it slides over the edge of a rain barrel and holds the pump snugly on the side. The entire water pumping device weighs less than 5 pounds (including the power cord) and is very easy to move between different rain barrels. The pump itself doesn't go inside the rain barrel, which means there's no need to take the lid off or fit a pump into a narrow area. Instead, the electric pump uses an intake hose to draw water from the rain barrel, and that hose can be dropped inside the barrel or attached to the spigot. This Little Giant pump is strong enough to pull water up a 7 foot long hose. The pump is self priming, which means you don't have to suck water up the hose to the motor before it starts working. After starting the motor, it should start moving water within about 30 seconds. Wetting
the impeller and keeping it coated with petroleum jelly will lengthen its life and improve pumping action. Do not run the pump dry. Dry pumping for as short as 30 seconds can damage the impeller. This pump can also be used for a wide variety of other things. It can empty waterbeds, drain water heaters, change the water in aquariums, clear out a flooded basement, fill up livestock troughs, transfer water to an RV, pump boat bilges, dry out stock tanks, and any other task where you need to get lots of water from point A to point B in a hurry.
Technical Details
Weight: 4 lbs 11 oz
Horsepower: 1/10 hp
Flow rate: ~6 GPM
When using this water pump, please follow proper safety procedures. To prevent electric shock, do not submerge the motor. Use a 3-prong, grounded electric cord, preferably connected to a GFCI outlet.
Any debris that gets fed through the motor (such as leaves or dirt from the bottom of the rain barrel) can be spit out at high speed so please do not point the outlet hose at people or animals. Well, don't point it at people or animals that you like, at least.
REALLY Technical Details
Hose fittings: Fits a standard 3/4" male garden hose / 3/8" female hose (FNPT)
Duty Cycle: Intermittent (no more than 15 minutes at a time)
Thermal Protection: Automatic Resetting (if it overheats, the pump will reset itself after cooling for about 15 minutes)
Motor amperage: 1.6 amps
Operating Air Temperature: 40 - 104 degrees Fahrenheit (the motor is air cooled)
Self priming distance: 7 feet of hose
Power cord length: 6' (can be extended with a 14 or 16 gauge extension cord)
Voltage: 115v
Hertz: 60 hz
UL listed in the US and Canada
This pump does not include garden hoses because these are prohibitively expensive to ship. You'll need to get two 3-7 foot lengths of gardening hoses at a local hardware store. Your order does include 2red rubber covers (not shown) to protect the intake and outlet from dust and dirt during storage.
This lifetime multi-purpose pump is extremely versatile as it can so easily fill a wide range of household needs from emptying rain barrels to removing water from roofs, basements, pools, window wells, crawl spaces, etc. It is a
heavy-duty, epoxy-coated cast aluminum construction and yet weighs only 8.5 lb. It has a screened bottom to prevent debris from interfering with the motor and it removes water to within 1/8 inch of the surface. Included is a
10 ft. power cord and garden hose adapter. The motor is thermally protected for years of use and reliability.
Material: Cast aluminum with epoxy coat
Item Weight: 8.5 lbs.
Power source: 115V
Power: up to 1200 gph
UL Listed: Yes
Item included: 10 ft. power cord

This submersible multi-purpose pump is ideal for rain barrel or any emergency water removal. It runs on a 1/6 HP motor and will remove up to a 1000 gal per hour to within 1/8 inch off the surface. Its durable epoxy-coated cast aluminum construction will not rust or corrode. And the motor is thermally protected. The screened bottom keeps debris from the motor. It weighs only 9 lb. and includes an 8 ft. power cord and garden hose adapter.
Material: Cast aluminum with epoxy coat
Item Weight: 9 lbs.
Power source: 115V
Power: up to 1000gph
UL Listed: Yes
Item included: 8 ft. power cord
Warranty Period - Products: 24 months from date of purchase by the user (no warranty on brushes, impellers or cam on models with brush-type motors and or flex-vane impellers). In the absence of suitable
proof of purchase date, the effective period of this warranty will being on the product's date of manufacture.