Ceramic Rain Barrels

If you are looking for a barrel that is both decorative and functional you may want to consider a ceramic rainwater barrel – if you can find one. They can be a great way to catch and store small amounts of rain water, as it would not be practical to construct a very large rainwater collection device out of ceramic material – they would be too heavy to transport cost-effectively. They can be highly decorative and make very attractive additions to flower and small vegetable gardens. Because ceramic can be so pleasing to the eye, they can also be a focal point to a garden. However, setting one in place would be difficult due to the unwieldy nature of natural or ceramic stone. 

Since ceramic rain barrels are usually much heavier than wood barrels, so they would be very difficult to move around the home-site. They also have the  additional disadvantage of breakability, which adds to their cost of shipment. While they would normally be available only in earth-tone colors, they would have a “warm” appearance that would rival wood rain barrels. However, I haven’t been able to actually find a real ceramic rain barrel. The closest I’ve able to find are the “Pots and Urns” found at Wakoola, in Atlanta, GA. These containers aren’t really made to be rainwater collection devices. But they are large gorgeous ceramic pots, and could be converted into gorgeous rain water collection devices. Because of the expense of manufacturing and shipping rain collection devices made of ceramic or terra cotta, almost all rain barrels that look like ceramic are really plastic. Other than these Pots and Urns at Wakoola, I haven’t been unable to find any real ceramic rain barrels (collection devices) anywhere. Please let me know if you know where I can obtain one. However, there are a great number of plastic rain barrels that are made to look amazingly like real ceramic rain barrels.

 This 100 gallon “Barcelona” rain barrel, like a number of other great looking plastic rain barrels at AlGreenProducts.com, looks very much like a ceramic rain barrel. It’s not, but this plastic rainwater storage device, along with lots of other interesting designs, can be found in Cambridge, ON, Canada. The Cascata Rain Barrel, a 65 gallon plastic rain barrel that look very much like a ceramic rain barrel, can be found at WoodlandDirect.com, a “fireplace, chimney, and outdoor” company located in Rochester, MI. The “Niño ́, a combination rain barrel and planter, is a great looking 55 gallon plastic water collection device that looks just like a ceramic planter, and can found atAquaBarrel.com located in Gaithersburg, MD.

If you can find one, a ceramic rain barrel can be both a decorative and functional rain water collection/storage device. They can be highly decorative and make very attractive additions to flower and small vegetable gardens.